Privacy Policy

At Eating Disorder Centre Cork (EDCC), we respect your right to privacy. Therefore, discretion and confidentiality are critically important to our service. We will only use information about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, and any other relevant legislation, and regulation.

Data we Hold

We hold your name, mobile contact, address, email address, and other information regarding your physical, mental, and social status. You will have given these details to us when you attended the centre for your initial assessment. At that meeting you will also have signed to agree to therapists at EDCC, liaising directly with your GP. Clients or Guardians will be notified prior to any information being disclosed to a third party.

Very brief factual accounts of each therapy session are kept by psychotherapists. These notes are the property of EDCC and are kept in secure filing cabinets and on Core Net. Only, psychotherapist (and on occasion the clinical manager) will have access to this information. In accordance with our professional governing bodies, all clinical files must be kept for seven years. At the end of that year all information is shredded.

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What you say to your therapist will stay between you and your therapist. However, as we must operate within the law, there are some limits to confidentiality:

• If children, or other vulnerable members of society are in danger, and this has not been reported.

• If you are a danger to yourself or others

This means that we are duty bound to report

• Unreported child sex abuse where the abuser is still alive, this includes historical sex abuse.
• Involvement in criminal activity.

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