Either discuss your concerns with your G.P, or contact us directly at EDCC for a free informal meeting about the services we offer at the centre.

At the first meeting you will talk to the clinical manager. This time will be used to hear why you have come now to EDCC, and your hopes for help with the eating disorder. We listen to what you have to say, and explain the services we offer that helps with your particular needs. Following this if you decide you want to attend EDCC you will be referred to one of the therapists in the centre.

In assessing each individual, we do require that our service users are medically stable for outpatient treatment and that each patient is monitored closely by his/her G.P. We do have a BMI cut off point of 14 for treating individuals.

Yes. At EDCC we do our best to facilitate those people who may work on a full time basis, or irregular hours. This also applies to students and school going young people.

General Practitioners (GP)

If you have an eating disorder your health may be in danger. Therefore it is vital that you get a full medical assessment through your G.P, so that they can establish whether you are medically stable to safely undertake psychotherapy treatment. Undergoing a full medical review with your GP is a prerequisite of attending therapy at EDCC.


A psychotherapist listens and talks to you to support you in finding better ways to overcome problems, and to make important changes in your life.

Family Therapist

A family therapist brings families, partners or carers together to find better and new ways of relating together.


A dietitian is a health care professional who focuses on proper food and nutrition in order to promote good health. In eating disorder treatment the dietitian helps develop an eating plan that is suited to the person’s level of recovery.


Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in the diagnosis & treatment of mental health conditions. Not every service user with an eating disorder needs to attend a psychiatrist. However, if either the person themselves, their GP or the therapist at EDCC feels a referral is needed, then this will be discussed first with the service user.

Massage & Yoga Treatments

Both massage and yoga are excellent methods for helping the person make the mind-body connection and enables the sufferer to relearn and listen to their own body cues. Research shows that they can help restore a positive body image to the sufferer.

Please Note: Availing of massage and yoga treatment is entirely up to each individual

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