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Multi Disciplinary Team Approach

Because of the complex nature of an eating disorder it is essential that both the medical, nutritional and psychological and emotional needs of the person is included. Therefore the multi disciplinary team at EDCC is made up of:


Services at Eating Disorder Centre Cork

·         Individual therapy

·         Family therapy

·         Group therapy

·         Massage therapy

·         Care work

·         Support groups

·        ( Educational programmes for families carers, and interested friends. (commence in May 2012)

·         G.P (affilated to the centre)

·         Dietican (affiliated to the centre)

·         Psychiatrist (affiliated to the centre)


A Little More About What Happens in EDCC

Individual Therapy

When you start your therapy at EDCC you will meet with a therapist on your own usually once a week. During this time you have a chance to talk about your life and how the eating disorder affects you. We really understand that entering therapy for an eating disorder can be very frightening. We want you to understand that we really respect this, and we will not try to force you to ‘give up the eating disorder’ until you are ready to do so.


Group Therapy:

Part of your treatment will probably mean taking part in some group work, when and if you are ready to do so. This would mean being in group with other service users of EDCC. Areas covered in group are anxiety management, assertiveness skills, self-confidence, self-esteem etc.



Families/carer’s support can prove crucial in helping a loved one recover from an eating disorder. At EDCC we believe family/couple therapy to be an essential part of the treatment plan towards a person’s recovery ... link to Family Programme

Please Note : The involvement of family/partners/carer’s in ones recovery whilst proven to be beneficial, is not a prerequisite for being accepted for therapy at EDCC. Many people successfully complete recovery from their Eating Disorder without involvement of a partner or family member..


Support Group (Drop In)

A drop in group takes place on a regular basis at EDCC. This is an informal group where people can meet to share various problems they may be having in their recovery. This group also gives a chance for service users to meet and listen to other people experiencing similar problems. Listening to other people who are in the ‘same boat’ often help people to feel less alone and isolated when struggling with their eating disorder.


Other Services at EDCC

·         Outreach programmes for schools, colleges, and the wider community (including other professionals)

·         Awareness raising programmes showing that eating disorders are a serious publichealth issue, and  

      that prevention efforts are needed.