EDCC - Eating Disorder Centre Cork

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Please see below the current fee structure for therapeutic treatment at EDCC

  • Individual therapy session    - 1 hour -  € 70 per client
  • Family therapy session         - 1 hour - € 70 per family
  • Nutritional session               - 1 hour - € 80 per client
  • Follow up nutritonal session  - 1 hour - € 50 per client
  • Support group                                        free
  • GP accepts medical card


Currently a sliding scale of fees can be offered to those clients on social welfare or low income. Please see below further details.


Recovery from eating disorder can be a lengthy process. It demands patience, time, and an innate respect for the individuality of each client. However, the often enormous financial costs of this process often prohibit people from availing of the relevant specialised treatment facilities.

We, at Eating Disorder Centre Cork ( EDCC) are very much aware of this financial strain.

EDCC (registered charity CH17771) is commited to provide a subsidised service to all individuals and families who find it financially difficult to avail of treatment services for themselves, or their loved ones eating disorder.

We at EDCC are committed to suporting the: ' right of access for each citizen to a suitable treatment of the person's own choice should become reality ' (The European Charter of Patients Rights Sep 2002)

Initially, we advise clients to enquire from The Department of Social Welfare about any financial assistance with treatment they might be entitled to.