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Family/Partner/Carers Educational Programmes.

These programmes (run for two hours over a four week period) offer a supportive opportunity to share and meet with other carers who are having a similar experience, and at the same time learn about the most effective ways you can help your loved one in their journey toward recovery

NEW!! Meeting Dates, Tuesday March 21st, & 28th, April 4th & 11th 2017

Time 7pm - 9pm.

 Meeting Dates : August 12th, 19th, 26th, and Sept 2nd 2014


Times: 7pm - 9pm

Families/carer’s support can prove crucial in helping a loved one recover from an eating disorder. At EDCC we believe family/couple therapy to be an essential part of the treatment plan towards a person’s recovery

•    A diagnosis of eating disorders often brings feelings of trauma, pain and despair to individuals and their families.
•    Developing an eating disorder is not the fault of the person, and it is not the fault of the family.
•    Education about the eating disorder is an important step families/partners/carer’s, can take in supporting the person with the eating disorder.
•    A families/partners/carers understanding that recovery from an eating disorder takes patience, time, compassion and commitment.
•    A willingness to listen, learn and develop better ways of understanding one another is helpful to recovery.